How it Works

Packages and Pricing


Standalone session | 90 mins | €90

Discover the root cause of pain and tension and experience the effects of Somatic Movement


Package | 4 Sessions | €285

Go further into developing your regular practice by improving your skill, sensitivity and awareness


Single session | 75 mins | €75

After a discovery or package, you’re always welcome to come back for additional sessions

Discover Session

Discover the root cause of pain and tension, revitalise your energy and learn to take care of yourself

By the end you will:
- Understand the cause of those niggly aches and pains, lack of energy and that "stressed out" feeling
- Experience Somatic Movement and its effect on calming the nervous system, improving energy and reducing pain
- Learn 2 simple yet powerful movements you can repeat at home or at work

What's included: Initial conversation, 90-min session (in person or online), follow up summary and next steps

Cost: €90

Revitalise Package

After the Discovery Session, you can decide take it all away and explore by yourself, or you can continue with a package.

Life is happening to us all of the time, and therefore stress is impacting us constantly. Stress causes muscle tension, which can accumulate and start affecting how we move, think and see our future. We therefore need a reliable strategy to fend off these accumulated effects. A Somatic Movement Practice gives us that so we can "press reset" on the build up of stress and tension whenever and wherever.

This programme has three steps:
1. Shine a light - develop awareness and understanding
- Develop your awareness of how stress is impacting you and affecting your movement, thoughts and outlook on life.
- Understand how to spot the build up of stress in your system
2. Drop the effort - do less and feel more
- Learn to make gentle, soft movements (often the hardest part!) so you can really tune into what you're doing and how you're doing it
- Develop your sensitivity to how you feel and your skill in releasing muscle tension
3. Build new choices
- Learn the Somatic Movements that will help you "press reset"
- Experience more ease and comfort in your movement

By the end you will have:
- Built a regular practice using the 5 basic Somatic Movements
- Improved your awareness, sensitivity and skill
- Made progress towards deep, positive and sustainable change

What's included: 4 sessions (4x75 mins) plus movement practice plan. Valid for 3 months

Cost: €285

Check-in Session

After completing a Discovery session or Press Reset you can choose to check in on a one-off basis.

Perhaps you are stuck with a movement or a part of your practice. Perhaps you need some accountability or just want to talk things through. Whatever it is, you can come back anytime for an additional session.

What's included: 75min session (online or in person) plus summary

Cost: 75 EUR

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a somatic practice, meaning you learn to pay attention to yourself and how you feel from the inside. The practice is typically done on a mat on the floor – so it might look a bit like yoga or pilates, even some of the movements may seem familiar. But the intention is different, certainly from pilates. It’s a soft and gentle practice where you learn not to try so hard to get it right and instead explore how you move in order to create change and choices.

For a class or individual session wear comfortable clothes (no shoes) you are happy lying on the floor in and moving around. It’s best to remove any belts, pocket items, glasses and dangling jewellery. For your somatic movement throughout the day you’re fine in whatever you’re wearing 🙂

A somatic movement practice is not designed to replace any of the things you love to do (be that sitting at your desk, or running a marathon) but instead prepare you to do them. It’s like a reset button. Over time we build up muscle tension especially if we’re sat in one place for a long time. After a while, our muscles will start to complain and get sore or feel “weak” – all of which makes it hard to move once you’ve finished work. Somatic Movement helps you release this tension and undo those habits so you feel strong and capable to leave your chair and go and move in whatever way you choose. 

The journey begins with a Discover session. This is where we get to know each other, go through some movement and you start to learn about this practice and how it can help you. You’ll leave with a clearer understanding of yourself and a couple of basic movements you can repeat at home or at work. 

After that, you can choose to continue the journey with Revitalise, a 3-month program designed to dive deeper into your needs and structure a regular practice to suit you. You can also choose to return for single check-in sessions as and when you need them. 

No I’m not. That’s why I always begin with the Movement Insights to give you a taste of what it is. Even if the entire track isn’t a great fit for you, I am confident that you will have more in-depth awareness of yourself by the end of the first session and a couple of movements you can repeat at home or at work.

It’s easier for me to help you if I can see all of you and use my hands as feedback. But if that’s not possible, then we can definitely do it online.